Impressions – Dublin

D Liebeskind

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre façade – Daniel Libeskind & RHWL Architects

Recently our year took a trip to Dublin, a welcome venture from our constant entrapments in Belfast! I would like to take the opportunity to share with you a few of my photographs and a summary of my impression of the reviving city.

Grand Canal Square 2

View onto Grand Canal Square

S Beckett Bridge

Samuel Beckett Bridge – Santiago Calatrava

M Scott

Busáras – Michael Scott


CHQ Building – John Rennie

Eileen Gray Exhibit

Eileen Grey’s permanent exhibit – National Museum of Ireland

Dublin convention Center

The Convention Centre Dublin – Kevin Roche


The Long Room

The Long Library – Trinity College

Liffy at Night

Lights across the River Liffey 

Arriving from Belfast, the city immediately feels much more metropolitan than the North. However, I would be be hesitant to say that the proliferation of ‘big name’ Architecture built over the last few decades has been entirely to the benefit of the city’s rich character and past. The balance of old and new sought in John Rennie’s CHQ Building (Above) seems much more in tune with the delicate ‘cobble stone meets contemporary’ which I had come to expect of the city, and in this it far overshadows the rather insensitive Barrel/Cube of the the Convention Centre Dublin which dominates the riverside nearby.

My views are of course slightly clouded by an upbringing of stories and songs hailing the city as a rather idolised archetype of the rough, lively and joyous! So maybe my short critique is in search of a shadow which never did, or no longer exists. In that case, do you have any thoughts, or expectation’s of the city which it meets, or falls short on? Or for that matter, are there other cities which have been completely different from you’re expectations, for better or worse?