China Green


Moss layered rooftop – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

In a few previous posts I’ve had rambled on the notion of landscape, meandering down paths of culture, architecture, and reclamation.

Not this time.

For a change I want to avoid overly heady discussion and simply enjoy a bit of China. By no means shot at extravagant, or heavily publicised locations such as The Dragon’s Backbone, nor Tiger Leaping Gorge – Hopefully these will come a little later – these few images are from Xuanwu Lake, an abundance of lotus, willows, water, pavilions and life found just past the citywall in north-east Nanjing.

Butterfly 3

Butterfly – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

We stumbled across the lake soon after leaving Fuzimiao, the Confucius Temple district. The post ‘The Streets of Nanjing’ documents the in-between journey from there to here (That’s right, I’m going to do my best to keep this travelogue chronological!). Together these areas display just how quickly the landscape of a Chinese metropolitan city can switch from one fabric to another.


Afloat – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

To my surprise, and a notion that I have briefly touched on before, was the ease with which a city of some three and a half million, in the most populated country in the world can still offer up so much solitude, air, and space.


Meandering – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

A pleasant diversion from the bustling horns and organised chaos of the city, the lake area even exhibits an expansive Bonsai Garden amongst its twists and turns.

Bonzai Roots

Roots in Nanjing Bonsai Garden – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

I have grown quite used to the wildlife of the UK and was intrigued to see how different that of China’s is while I am here. Admittedly these photographs do not do justice to how vibrantly exotic it truly is at first witness.

Hbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth – Xuanwu Lake, Nanjing

Butterfly 2

Butterfly – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

If you do ever venture to Asia and happen to find yourself in the historic capital of Nanjing. Spend as much time as you would like exploring the culture, nightlife, foods and speed of the city, but do yourself a favour, and grab a moment to relax by the lake too.

– Please comment if you can identify any of the above unlisted butterflies


Reclamation – (Because I couldn’t resist) – Xuanwu lake, Nanjing

Do you have any experience on China’s rural paths, or any fantastic places you could recommend a fellow wanderer? If so please do let me know!

More thoughtful discussion to follow soon – 再见。

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Delay – 好久不见!


West Lake by Evening – Hangzhou, China

If you have keeping up to date with my travels so far (As brief as my updates have been) I must apologise, China’s firewall has posed a little more of a challenge than anticipated and it has proven tricky to find a secure connection for uploads. However, I am making progress, and will be back on track with updates soon – and given the backlog of posts I have generated there is little excuse for lack of future content!

For those eager to see some snippet’s of China from a Westerns eyes, you can catch a glimpse at my 500px which has so far been a little easier to access.

See you soon.