The Streets of Nanjing

Street Scene 3




Soy dyed hard boiled egg

Sesame pancakes

Egg fried rice

White Tea

Chinese food, real Chinese food, is a fantastic welcome. A breakfast like this could fuel anyone for the day. I am a firm believer in breakfast being the most important meal, and the tradition of hot and ready breakfasts by the Chinese certainly plays in my favour! Soon after, our group were escorted around the grounds of our host campus; Nanjing University, home to the house of John Rabe an intrinsic figure in Nanjing’s bloody modern history. The grounds presented some beautiful examples of Chinese vernacular architecture – Frank Lloyd Wright would certainly have enjoyed some time here. –  The heat during the day was intense, but there is something about the Chinese weather that makes you quickly forget about that side of things, or maybe it’s background buzz of chaotic horn beeping and cicadas that distracts.

Street Scene

 The streets of Nanjing – Storefront

 Following another adventurous feast, in which our hosts offered us another interesting taste of Chinese cuisine, this time a round table of duck, chicken, fish (Whole fish, head included of course), prawns, various vegetable mixes, and other mysteriously intriguing dishes; a small group of us broke off to explore Nanjing.

Street Scene2

 The streets of Nanjing – Bike

 There is much to much to include in one single post, so I will split the following week across a few separate posts, and start with a short photo essay on the real life of the people of Nanjing.

Street Scene 4

 The streets of Nanjing

 As an immediately aware counterpart to the lavish welcome we received, the images of this post describe a large part of what I am here to see, daily life in it’s raw environment, and from that starting point I aim to explore the highs and lows of a beautifully diverse culture, in order to genuinely appreciate it’s riches, both physical and soulful.

Street Shot Factory

 The streets of Nanjing – Work


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