Sketch Selection; Year 1 Architecture

In response to an old post by a fellow Architecture student over at ‘Her design journal’ I thought I would share with you a selection of my favourite sketches from my Year 1 sketchbooks of my undergraduate.

– 2012/2013

10007 copy

Bridge perspective from ‘Dry Joint’s’ project

12 copy

Folly design after Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion 

10006 copy

10003 copy

Sketch analysis of University of Ulster’s Belfast campus, York street Belfast for ‘Constructing Architecture’ project

10017 copy

Parasitic stage design for ‘Politic’s in Architecture’ project – Model/Further info can be found here


25 copy
34 copy

A series of progress sketches for ‘Titanic Loss/Memorial’ project

31 copy

Exploring plans after Zvi Hecker’s Spiral apartment house

30009 copy

30008 copy

30014 copy

30016 copy

Field sketching in Edinburgh, Scotland – Enric Miralles’s Scottish Parliament/Benson & Forsyth’s National Museum of Scotland

10018 copy

Exploring styles – Redrawn from Lebbeus Woods’s drawing for the retrofit of Ivan Straus found on; The Reality of Theory

Drawing for me has always been my favourite method for recording space, and for translating my spatial thoughts to something communicable. I do not claim to be in any way proficient in doing this (these are 1st year sketches after all!), and like most struggle with the process of recording 3D thought to 2D Presentation, none the less it is a skill which I find fascinating in it’s complexity, and I cannot deny an obsession for well crafted and considered drawings. There is a tactility to drawing which I have found extremely difficult to recreate through digital means, and a seductive mystery in allowing the viewer to mentally fill in what is not observable, something which a clinically accurate model may not allow happen. Drawing presents our ideas in a flawed and beautiful language of creation and recreation, it may never be perfect, but it is always personal. I hope you enjoy this short post nearly as much as I did drawing it!

Recommended reading?

Architectural Design, Sept 2013 – Drawing Architecture (Neil Spiller)

Find Herdesignjournal’s original post here.


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